PROBLEM: When I put away my groceries I notice that the cloth bag is dirty so I start a laundry load of grocery bags which takes me to the basement where I remember that I need to change the bulb and as I get the bulb I walk by a picture of my niece whom I call because today is her birthday. A few hours later I see that I still haven’t put away my groceries but more importantly I realize that this way of working at things just isn’t effective.

SOLUTION: Decide on the the task that you want to be working on – your goal. As other tasks pop into your head, write them on a piece of paper. Establish a time when you can look through these tasks to evaluate their importance and if and when they are going to get done.

HINT: Write out your goal as a reminder of what you are working on. Put or post it where you can see it.

Susan Hunsberger

I’m Susan Hunsberger with Strategize Organize LLC. I work with folks with organizing challenges. Adults and students with ADHD are areas of specialty. People come to me feeling shame and frustration. They hire me to help them lift the weight of disorganization and move on with life.


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