"The one and only Susan Hunsberger, the most gentle, steady, upbeat and persistent co-worker I know" - CA

My Clients

My typical clients are adults with ADHD who have executive function challenges and/or chronic disorganization. 

ADD or ADHD is a brain-based condition that is affected by Executive Functions that are challenged: organizing, prioritizing, activation, focus, effort, emotion, memory, and self-regulation.

Chronic Disorganization differs from Situational Disorganization which is difficulty in organizing as a result of a new situation in one’s life (death, a new baby, grandparents moving in). Chronic Disorganization includes three parts. 


Disorganization has been a factor for much of one's life.


Disorganization persists despite repeated efforts.

Quality of Life

Disorganization affects quality of life in a deep and intense way every single day.

Sample difficulties of my clients:

Serious about making a change?

Being chronically disorganized, and/or having a brain-based reason why organizing is so hard (ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.) makes it difficult to achieve your goals and live a life that works.

Here’s how I can help.
• We slow down. We get curious.
• We open up to learning and invest in becoming more aware of what makes you tick.
• We explore your strengths, recognize your challenges, try on different perspectives, and experiment with new ways of doing things.
• We take action together.
• You commit to experimenting with different ways of thinking and doing.
• We examine and learn from these experiments.

Gradually, awareness grows about how your brain shows up and what is needed to support you on your journey.

Are you ready for this work?

This journey (whether is it with physical stuff or starting and finishing projects, motivation, and/or time) is not without potholes, bumps, and blind curves. Most of us know this from “failed” attempts. I help clients learn to anticipate potholes and get out of them when they fall in. The support of a trained and compassionate professional who probably works with lots of people like you makes a big difference in helping you navigate the journey.


Four questions to consider….

A successful partnership depends on a good match, which

is something that we feel out early on. To help get you thinking about partnership, here are some questions to consider:

  • Do have I have time for this work?
  • Am I open to experimenting and learning from my actions?
  • Am I willing to try on new perspectives?
  • Am I interested in learning about myself in this process?

Explore the Self-Assessment to learn more.

Inattentive ADHD

"Working with Susan has changed my life! I have inattentive ADHD and have benefited with working with a coach ever since I first started doing so in college. Susan and I have been working together for about a year now and it is wonderful. She has an analytical brain paired with patience, equanimity and a wonderful sense of humor. She always finds a way to help while being interested in and VERY supportive of my own particular process. With Susan, there's no "right way" or "wrong way", there's just "MY way." I have learned a lot about myself and gained confidence and trust in myself!" 


"Working with you has been the most positive self-care thing I’ve done in my adult life. It has been a very positive experience. When I started I was anxious and driven by hating the feeling of not being in control and not having control. What has replaced that feeling of wanting control is a feeling of confidence that I can get through things and a contentment with myself." - Millie, Dublin.

Chronic Disorganization

“It’s a lot easier for me to go through papers when Susan is here and even when she’s not here it’s easier! It’s less overwhelming because there’s a system in place. I am getting better at it.”