For some, this time of year equals more stress. The stress can be because there are more obligations, expectations, and “shoulds”.  The messages we receive from our culture about this time of year are ever present.  Even me sending this newsletter and bringing up this subject adds another voice to the December noise.

How might one think about December?

One thing that I am going to do is notice the obligations, expectations, and “shoulds” that I feel and then perhaps try to eliminate or lessen some of them.  One obligation that I hold is to write this newsletter every month.   I like and want to do this.  It is a way for me to connect with you.  However, given the content of this newsletter, I think it makes sense for me to make this one short.

To read more: Click on this link to access the Organizing Tips: December Noise – November 2015 newsletter.

Susan Hunsberger

I’m Susan Hunsberger with Strategize Organize LLC. I work with folks with organizing challenges. Adults and students with ADHD are areas of specialty. People come to me feeling shame and frustration. They hire me to help them lift the weight of disorganization and move on with life.


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