I have conversations with clients about getting things done and planning their time.  These conversations are so interesting because once people start talking and reflecting they start making insights.  I don’t tell people what to do or how to think about something.   When people take a bit of time to identify and reflect, often they have a sense of how to move forward.  Perhaps the biggest thing that I bring to the conversation is a partner in the conversation who listens, asks a few questions, but mostly importantly, brings curiosity not judgment. I think that it can be hard to watch ourselves with curiosity and without judgment.  But it is in fact quite easy for me to listen to my clients without judgment.   My clients show up, think, talk, and experiment.  How can anyone judge someone for that?!

To read more: Click on this link to access the Organizing Tips: “Fiter” than Fit – July 2015 newsletter.

Susan Hunsberger

I’m Susan Hunsberger with Strategize Organize LLC. I work with folks with organizing challenges. Adults and students with ADHD are areas of specialty. People come to me feeling shame and frustration. They hire me to help them lift the weight of disorganization and move on with life.


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