PROBLEM: My closet is so full. I know that some of the clothes don’t even fit me anymore.

SOLUTION: Create a space to put the clothes that you don’t like or that don’t fit. This space can be a bag hung from a hanger or hook, a basket on the closet floor, or a box near the closet. The next time you try something on and it doesn’t fit – put it in this new space. Eventually your closet will become a place for clothes that
you like and wear.

HINT: Think through what you will do with the items that go in this space and when you will deal with them. For example, maybe you will you take them to the donation center when the bag gets full.

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Susan Hunsberger

I’m Susan Hunsberger with Strategize Organize LLC. I work with folks with organizing challenges. Adults and students with ADHD are areas of specialty. People come to me feeling shame and frustration. They hire me to help them lift the weight of disorganization and move on with life.


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