PROBLEM – I like to return my old bottles and cans to the grocery store to get my refund, but my bottles and cans get mixed in with my curb side recycling. I grudgingly push my bin to the street and wave my refund goodbye.

SOLUTION – In the kitchen, hallway, or closet set up two recycling receptacles. One for curbside and one for grocery store. For the grocery store recycling,
make sure you line the container with a plastic bag. That way, when the container gets full, you can simply tie up the bag and put it in the trunk of your car. The next time you’re at the grocery store your recycling is ready to be returned for your refund.

HINT – Look at the costs and benefits of taking the time to return the bottles and cans. If the refund is worth it – great, set up a system and do it! If the time, energy, and space for the bottles and cans seems to outweigh the amount of your refund, cut yourself a break and put the bottles in with the curbside recycling.

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Susan Hunsberger

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