“Hey susan, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your emails (newsletters). I always read them and find them really helpful.
Many of the strategies we put into place last year are still functioning. I no longer lose checks and I’m paying all my bills on time. Thanks for helping me in a long term way.”


“Yesterday was the first day of school and I can’t remember when I felt more relaxed at the beginning of the school year. I have told *everyone* about you and what a difference this has made for me. Thank you for spending the time helping me in the classroom. You truly make a difference in people’s lives.”


“Susan brings a wealth of knowledge, a high level of integrity, and a very careful and thoughtful approach to any project. Not only is her knowledge base as a professional organizer superb, her creativity and gentle yet highly efficient coaching is effective and will make me call her again. I highly recommend Susan and her work.”

Director of Career Development

“Susan helped our team at Quest Martial Arts to tame our clutter problems and manage our systems better. She consulted with us and her suggestions proved priceless as we implemented them in a three-day cleaning rampage. We constantly heard Susan’s voice “keep things together that you do together” or “make sure everything has a home.” Susan also assisted our four-person team in making decisions and strategizing our plan. It took a daunting task and made it bite-size and successful. In fact, it was so successful, our cleaning company called us to congratulate us on our results and told us they were able to clean spaces they had previously not been able to get to. Thanks Susan!”

Donna Copeland, Owner and Instructor at Quest Martial Arts

“As a result of consultation with Susan Hunsberger, professional organizer through Strategize Organize, I developed several helpful strategies for evaluating ‘place and space’ and made appropriate changes for efficiency and appearance. Appropriate consideration was given to the value of past, present and future developments as I continue to utilize the knowledge and experience gained from Susan to provide valuable programs and resources in a welcoming center. I am reminded almost daily of our conversations as I continue to ’embrace my space’ and ‘strategize and organize.'”

Director, Program Resource Centre

“We had experienced many trials and successes growing a company over the course of 20 years, when we looked up one day and found ourselves totally disorganized, wading through piles of paperwork, books, audios, videos, electronic files, and all kinds of stuff that didn’t have a proper place to live.  We knew we needed help getting things in order so we looked online for a professional organizer in the Lima area, we found Susan, and we set up a free consultation appointment.

From the moment we met her, we liked her and knew she could help us.  She is calm, collected, rational, logical, orderly, focused and very knowledgeable about organization and creating storage and file management systems.  As our company was in the middle of a difficult transition period, we ended up bringing many things to our meetings with Susan that stretched beyond the boundaries of organizing a space, and Susan handled it all with grace and professionalism.  She had quite a challenge working with us and she has delivered far beyond our expectations.  She is heaven sent!”


“I asked Susan to come for a consultation to help me deal with an avalanche of papers on my desk, which included the kids’ school papers, junk mail, magazines, and bills. It was Susan’s expertise and ability to work with my unique situation that gave me the tools I needed to get started.”

M. Harnish

“There were several areas (kitchen, back-porch, kid’s bedroom, & closets) in my house that needed organizational help. Susan has a wonderful attitude that puts you at ease amidst your clutter! I learned a lot and I highly recommend her services.”

Colleen Weinberger
Chicago, Illinois

“I got married over a year ago and moved into my husband’s home and still had boxes from three previous moves that I’d never even opened! Thanks to Susan’s very patient, nonjudgmental coaching and laying out of various options, I was able to go through all of those boxes and make decisions on what to do with the items. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I also spent time asking Susan to help me have a strategy for tackling some other storage issues, and it’s spurred me on to use it at my office at work as well. Thanks a million, Susan!”

Julia Friesen
Glen Ellyn, Illinois


“The examples you gave were interesting and practical. I liked your non-threatening manner of presentation.”
Joanne Niswander

“Lots of great new ideas and processes that can be easily put to use.”
Erin Wooden-Nagy

“I liked that you make flexible suggestions and seem to understand that households function differently.”
Jennifer Stewart

I liked “how we told our own organizational problems and she addressed them.”
Kristy Vondran

“You gave me some great ideas for tweaking my current organizational systems and for the “problem” areas!”
Julie McKinley

“Very personable speaker with presentation appropriate to our MOMS group.”
Carol Meyer

“I loved your style and humor in the presentation. It’s amazing how you can make a talk about organizing pretty fun.”

“Well done, informative, fun as well.”


“I cannot express enough how pleased we were with the service she provided the community. Susan was a pleasure to deal with in planning the program, and her orderly mindset assured me that the presentation would go smoothly.

Susan’s knowledge paired with her humor and public speaking skills made for one of the best programs we have had here at the library. We had a very good turnout, and in speaking with patrons who attended the event afterwards, it was clear that everyone had a great time and learned much more than they expected. I strongly recommend Susan to anyone that needs a professional organizer or an entertaining presenter.”

Jason Cox, PR/Programming Coordinator
Bluffton Public Library

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    Susan Hunsberger

    I’m Susan Hunsberger with Strategize Organize LLC. I work with folks with organizing challenges. Adults and students with ADHD are areas of specialty. People come to me feeling shame and frustration. They hire me to help them lift the weight of disorganization and move on with life.